Environmental, Social & Governance

At Klassen Brothers Northern, we firmly believe that construction and sustainable practices go hand in hand. As a responsible and forward-thinking construction company, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Our commitment to ESG is at the core of our operations, guiding us to create a positive impact on the environment, society, and our stakeholders.

  1. Environmental Stewardship: We understand the significant impact construction projects can have on the environment. Therefore, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint by integrating sustainable practices throughout all our projects. From the initial planning phase to project completion, we focus on reducing waste, conserving resources, and implementing energy-efficient solutions. Our aim is to protect natural ecosystems, promote biodiversity, and contribute to a greener and cleaner future.
  2. Social Responsibility: Our approach to ESG extends to the well-being and safety of our employees, the communities we operate in, and the people who are affected by our projects. We foster a culture that values diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities, ensuring a safe and respectful working environment for everyone. Moreover, we actively engage with local communities to understand their needs and concerns, collaborating to create projects that have a positive impact on society.
  3. Governance and Ethics: Integrity is the cornerstone of our company’s values. We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in all our business practices. Our leadership is committed to making decisions that benefit not only our stakeholders but also the wider society and environment. We strive to maintain strong relationships with our clients, suppliers, and partners, based on trust and mutual respect.
  4. Innovation for Sustainability: Innovation plays a vital role in achieving sustainability goals. As a construction company, we actively invest in research and development to identify and adopt cuttng-edge technologies and construction methods that reduce our environmental impact. By embracing innovation, we continuously seek new ways to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of our projects.
  5. Collaboration for Collective Impact: We understand that creating a sustainable future requires collective effort. That’s why we actively collaborate with industry peers, experts, and organizations to share knowledge, best practices, and solutions for a more sustainable construction sector. Through these collaborations, we strive to drive positive change and contribute to a better world.
    Our dedication to ESG principles empowers us to deliver high-quality construction projects that not only meet the needs of our clients but also leave a lasting positive impact on the environment and society. We are committed to continuously improving our ESG performance and se􀆫ng new benchmarks for sustainable construction practices.

Together, we can build a better future.

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