GPS Survey & Design

At Klassen Brother’s our experienced surveyor technicians allow us to work with clients as well as help design grading plans onsite, in collaboration with our Topcon & Trimble GPS gear.  With new technology and an eagerness for innovation, Klassen Brothers has put extensive effort into learning how to design well sites and roadways. Our team is adept in what it takes to build a long lasting well site and can do so in a variety of different soil conditions. This allows our clients to save on the cost of construction and 3rd party designing.  

Klassen Brothers Northern has invested substantially in its GPS technology.  We purchased our first Topcon GPS Base and Rover in 2007 to allow us to measure volumes and be accurate down to a single centimeter on all projects.  We now have 3 Topcon as well as 4 Trimble Base & Rover units. Close to half of Klassen Brothers equipment is plumbed for GPS which includes, but is not limited to D6s, D8s, D9s, Graders, Scrapers, & a variety of different sized Excavators. Klassen Brothers prides it self on giving its clients the best product evetime, and because of that we are constantly improving and upgrading our GPS gear to make sure those standards are maintained.

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