Klassen Brothers Northern Ltd.

Klassen Brothers Northern is a bonded contractor working in Western Canada. In our 35 years of experience, Klassen Brothers Northern has completed large and small projects in categories which include, civil, oilfield, reclamation, remediation, commercial, demolition and underground works. We will complete any job, large or small with quality and efficiency. For a detailed portfolio check out our projects under the Client tab.

Klassen Brothers strives to be a leader in our industry with a dedication to safety and a focus on current technology. We have 8 pieces of heavy equipment with Topcon GPS. Topcon allows us to measure volumes and improve accuracy.  For more information on our GPS systems refer to the Client tab.  Our entire fleet of trucks and graders are equipped with GEOTrac GPS.  GEOTrac allows us to monitor the safe use of our equipment and the safe transport of our people. Klassen Brothers has maintained our COR since 1991.  We are now certified with six separate agencies who monitor our safety and compliance online for various clients.  For more information on our certifying partners look under the Clients tab.

If you are interested in working for us, you can apply online at the top of the page by pressing Apply.  If you already work for us, our website has multiple resources for you too.  You can access relevant legislation, our current SDS, webmail, working alone contacts, details for servicing such as oil charts, maintenance lists, and Tire Pressure tables under the Employee tab.